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iBraryGuy & Pinhawk Team Up for the One-Two-Punch!

Pinhawk iBrarGuyOur goal at iBraryGuy is to keep you in the know when it comes to news, trends, and cutting edge technology in the library and information professions.  To that end, we are excited to announce a brand new collaboration with a partner that is just as committed to the vitality of this industry as we are.  iBraryGuy is honored and delighted to be working with the folks at Pinhawk It is a one-two-punch designed to keep you at the top of your daily game! Continue reading

iBraryGuy is Growing!!!

While the rest of the United States is putting its feet up for a long weekend of rest and relaxation, the folks at iBraryGuy will be using the Labor Day holiday to expand their reach and their core team. We are growing again and could not be more excited!

New Faces

First the biggest news . . . The iBraryGuy team is honored and delighted to be welcoming Stosh Jonjak to its core of bloggers and editors. Stosh is a Research Services Librarian with Reed Smith, LLP in Pittsburgh, PA. An up-and-comer in the legal research and information industry, he focuses his expertise on digital trends, applications, and implementing technologies to satisfy the information needs of his patrons. Stosh’s presentation on mobile technologies for legal research to the Legal Division of SLA last year has garnered thousands of views and remains wildly popular.

iBraryGuy founder, John DiGilio, is still with us and will moving into the position of Editor-in-Chief. He is the National Manager of Research Services at Reed Smith LLP and has had a very full plate of writing and speaking engagements both in the industry generally and as Treasurer of the Special Libraries Association. He is most excited to welcoming new blood to the team!

Enhanced Features

In addition to adding new faces to our team, we are also excited to be rolling out more content and enhancing our suite of offerings. The driving goal behind iBraryGuy has been and remains to keep you in the know when it comes to the changes facing our libraries and our profession. Our focus is on the technology that is disrupting and evolving both what we do and how we do it. In that spirit, we have rethought and reinvigorated what this site has to offer.

We recently told you about our curated news and social networking services. The Daily INFOrmant is our daily eNewsletter for librarians and information professionals of all stripes. It is powered by Paper.li and it looks great! Using the Scoop.it! platform, we have also just rolled out our new Legal Information Dispatch. Focused on our colleagues in the legal industry, you can follow it via Scoop.it! itself or RSS. We are working to offer it as a monthly eMagazine soon. Stay tuned!

In addition to these new services, team iBraryGuy is also changing up its site and twitter feed. Hopefully you are following us! Starting next Monday, we will be updating the main site twice weekly. We will kick off the week with our new “App of the Week” review, discussing the good, the bad and the downright ugly when it comes to emerging online and mobile research technologies. Thursdays will feature the “Weekly Soapbox”, where we discuss the big issues in the industry and reach out to your for your own thoughts. It should be educational and fun!

New Collaborations & Partnerships

Everything that we offer here through the iBraryGuy site is free. There is no charge for our newsletters or any of our feeds. We just ask that you tell your friends and colleagues about the work we are doing. In addition, John and Stosh are both available to speak to your organizations or write for your own online and printed publications. We are happy to negotiate financial support for engagements that require travel or large amounts of time. You can look at our Speaking Schedule here on the site to see our up-coming appearances or check out our Selected Publications page to access some of what we have written.

We are always looking for new partnerships, collaborations, and support. Contact us directlywith any ideas you may have or to sponsor this site and help us keep it free for librarians and information professionals everywhere!

iBraryGuy Goes Curation Crazy!

Here at iBraryGuy, we know what it is like to be constantly bombarded with news. Between the news feeds that we read regularly to the constant Twitter and Facebook updates that we follow, it sometimes seems that just keeping our fingers on the pulse of what is happening could be a full time job! We also know that most of you are facing that same real time onslaught. You too know the pain of information overload! So we are hoping to help alleviate your burden a little bit.

In addition to our blog and Twitter feed (@ibraryguy), we recently unveiled two new services that are designed to bring you the best of news and social media as it pertains to what you do. The Daily INFOrmant is our regular eNewsletter for librarians and information professionals of all stripes. Powered by Paper.li technology, this handsome newsletter can be delivered to your e-mail inbox each day. Using the Scoop.it! platform, we have also just rolled out our new Legal Information Dispatch. This one is focused on our colleagues in the legal industry. Currently, you can follow it via Scoop.it! or RSS. Soon, it will be released as a monthly eMagazine.

Both The Daily INFOrmant and The Legal Information Dispatch are free. We do our best to curate the content and the sources and each is constantly being tweaked to provide the best and most relevant coverage possible. We sort it and feed it, so that you do not have to! With The Legal Information Dispatch, you even get our own insights and commentary on the news items, as well as the chance to add your own.

We welcome your thoughts and suggestions and hope that you will not only make use of these services, but share them your colleagues as well.

– Team iBraryGuy


Farewell Google Reader! Hello Feedly!

And so this is it… Doomsday. The day Google Reader died. RSS fans, though often touted as a dying breed, had come to know and love this simple, straightforward newsreader. Word of its demise set the blogosphere abuzz earlier this year. Some users were broken-hearted. Others resigned to find a suitable replacement. And still some once again jumped on the “RSS is dead” bandwagon and pointed to the sunset of the search behemoth’s reader as further evidence, if not the final nail in the coffin. Suffice it to say that once iconic Google Reader will be missed.

Sure it lacked elegance. It didn’t pop. There were no bells and whistles. But Google Reader did what it did very well. It was intuitive and uncluttered. It got the job of aggregating those unuly newsfeeds done. Since its unveiling in 2005, Google Reader has been a favorite of millions of users. It was popular, for sure. So why did Google do it in? Well, there is a lot of speclulation right now. Some say it was a money drain on the company. Others say it failed to produce any kind of revenue. Some point to the rise of social media as its nemesis. We could share theories all day. The company itself claims that usage is down and that they are focusing on fewer products. Ok. But the real question today is more properly one of “what now?”.

As we said at our recent “60 Sites in 60 Minutes” presentation at the SLA annual conference in San Diego, reports of the death of RSS are both greatly exaggerated and woefully premature. In a world so rife with information overshare and overload, savvy users still see and harness tha value of RSS feeds and feed readers. We at iBraryGuy could not possibly keep up on the latest news without a carefully crafted and filtered aggregation of our sources and interests. Sure, we loved Google Reader and we are sad to say goodbye. But this is how the industry works folks…we are ready to move on.

To that end, we have chosen Feedly as our new RSS reader of choice. After looking at several great possibilities, we decided that Feedly was our best option for ease of use, dexterity, and mobility. From it’s cloud-based web home to its full-featured and visually stunning apps for iOS (iPhone, iPad) and Android, Feedly is where you want it, when you want it. The interface is clean and minimal, yet Feedly is fully and powerfully customizable. We recommend that new users check out the help materials to get started, as there is a lot that you can control. The sharing options are robust in this age of social media.

If you have not seen Feedly, check it out and let us know what you think. If there is a different solution that you prefer, please do feel free to share it in the comments. There are some great articles on alternatives to Google Reader on USA Today and the Washington Post, just to name a few.

Google Reader may be going away, but RSS is here to stay (OK, at least for now). So regardless of which alternative you choose, today is your last chance to get in there and downloard you feed data from the site. Most of the alternatives make the transition easy with the information. What is left to say really? So long old friend, it was good knowing and using ya!

Ars Technica does tech news with a lot of technique!

Tech news sites are literally a dime a dozen these days. So many seem to look and feel the same. When we first discovered Ars Technica, we were pleasantly surprised with its refreshing interface and interactivity. It was an even bigger surprise to learn that AT is a Conde Nast site. That’s right, it comes from the same folks behind so many of the popular travel and lifestyle magazines. These folks know media and they certainly know how to make AT stand apart in a crowded field of tech news services!

Ars Technica is not your run-of-the-mill technical news and reviews site. It’s contributors write with wit and honesty and with an eye on the arts as well as the technical sciences. In addition to the expected news and reviews, users will also find how-to tutorials and buying guides, as well as special features. The site is deftly organized into practical chunks, with sections dedicated to business, hardware, gadgets, media, and policy. There is even something for devotees of Apple, Microsoft, and gaming. The user forums round out the site’s offerings very nicely. We particularly enjoy their live feeds from major industry events, like the Apple unveilings. They’re the next best thing to being there!

If you are looking for a fresh approach to getting your tech news fix, look no further than Ars Technica. It breaks the proverbial online mold!