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Updates on iBraryGuy services.

Exciting “News” from iBraryGuy: New Year, New Look, New Features!

If you have visited the iBraryGuy site lately, you certainly noticed something different.  iBraryGuy has a brand new look and a hot, new set of features.  Your support of our microblog and Twitter feed over the last 6 months has been overwhelming.  We cannot thank you enough.  In a sign of our appreciation, the iBraryGuy editorial team is delighted to be able to roll out a new look, more robust and interactive features, and share with you some big news about upcoming offerings.
The New Look and Features:
As of Monday, iBraryGuy has a brand new look and some cool new functionality!  Our single-column format has expanded to three columns of library and info goodness.  Our daily blog of news and reviews is still front and center.  However, our new mini-columns provide access to newsfeeds from Librarians.Collected (one of our side projects) as well as our own Twitterfeed. We have also provided access to our archive as well as an events calendar, tag cloud, and library photo stream.  We are particularly excited to add functionality that will allow you to share iBraryGuy features with your colleagues via a plethora of popular social networking platforms.  And check out the new Wibiya tool bar at the bottom of the screen for a truly interactive experience.
The Blogroll:
Worth special mention is our new blogroll.  Here you will find quick and easy links to some of our most popular side projects.  The iBraryGuy team scours the internet daily for hot and happening library and information blogs.  When we find them, we add them to one of two (or both!) of our aggregators.  You have probably read our postings on Libarians.Collected and LibraryVibes before.  Each takes a slightly different approach to bringing the best blogs under one roof.  We enjoy them both and are commited to keeping them up to date for you, our library colleagues.  Thanks to our new blogroll, they will each be a click away.  Is your blog listed?  Let us know!  Also, do not miss our link to the customized Google News section on librarians, libraries, and information.
Coming Soon – The iBraryGuy App!
Yes, coming soon to a smartphone near you is our first iBraryGuy App!  Designed to provide you with a mobile version of our blog, our new app is optimized for small screens.  As an added bonus, our app will also feature a live stream from Librarians.Collected.  Think of it as having all of the best library and info blogs right in your pocket!  The iPhone version is up first and is in its final approval stages.  Plans are underway for an Android version as well.  Best of all, our new app, like our sites, will be completely FREE!  We just ask that you let us know what you think and send us suggestions on how we can improve our services.
Thank you all for helping us make iBraryGuy a success!

Thanks and Happy Holidays!

The editing team here at iBraryGuy want to wish you all a safe and happy holiday season.  May the holidays and the New Year bring each and everyone of you health and prosperity!

Your readership has made our blogging efforts an enormous joy in what was otherwise a challenging and difficult year.  iBraryGuy and its affiliated services are truly a labor of love for a profession that continues to enrich our lives every day.  Thank you all for reading along and sharing your thoughts.  We have bigger and better plans for 2010 already.  We hope you will stay on this journey with us.

If you have enjoyed our iBraryGuy blog, we hope you will recommend it to others.  If you have a moment to give us a vote for the 2010 “Blogs to Read” list from LIS News, we would really appreciate it (  Finally, please feel free to contact us with any questions, concerns, and kudos you may have.  We really value the feedback and suggestions!

HAPPY HOLIDAYS from our stacks to yours!

iBraryGuy’s news offerings have you covered! Check them out!

Here at iBraryGuy, we are news hounds.  Our days begin and end with the latest headlines from across the library and information world.  We literally live on our newsfeeds!  As such, we know just how difficult it can be to sort through the crush of internet news services to find the truly “good” stuff.  Thus, we have been on a mission to make it easier for you – our fellow information professionals.  Regardles of where in the spectrum of this industry you fall, iBraryGuy’s customized news services have you covered.  Librarians, information professionals, publishers, knowledge managers, archivists, and so on . . . we have striven to bring you the best of news and blogs with the following offerings:

Libraries, Information, and Knowledge Management News at Google News:  Using the pioneering news customization functions at Google, iBraryGuy’s editors sat down and customized a news section especially for librarians and information professionals.  This section is designed to search across Google’s wide array of news sources to bring you articles of interest to our profession.  Articles, videos, and even images . . . it is all there.  All you have to do is subscribe!

LibraryVibes at  Netvibes is an awesome service for tracking the blogs and news sources you enjoy most.  The iBraryGuy editing team recently sat down with lists of the top rated blogs and sites for library, information, and technology news and created a central Netvibes site to hold them all.  Check out LibraryVibes for all the best blogs and news sources in our industry.  There is a tab for library news, one for tech news, and even one for more general news.  A truly unique one-stop shop!

Books at  While this is not one of our creations, the Books topic list at AllTop is still a resource we like to share.  Yes, iBraryGuy is on AllTop’s list of best blogs for readers and book lovers.  However, so are many other great sources for the latest goings-on in the book and publishing world.  The iBraryGuy team is working to convince AllTop to create a topic for libraries and information.  In the meantime, we are honored to be featured here.

A great deal of work and library-love have gone into creating and maintaining these resources.  We hope you will enjoy them and invite your feedback on how we can make them even better!  Please let us know what you think.  And please SHARE these links with your colleagues.  In our profession, USE is the highest form of flattery!